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Chainmaille Quality Jump Rings

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to cut jump rings at the moment.

Our chainmaille quality jump rings are saw cut and tumble polished by Crystals and Ice Bead Shop. These rings have excellent closure and are perfect for chainmaille where neat and almost invisible closures with jump rings are essential. Silver Plate and Gold Plate are plated over copper wire.


Please allow 3 working days for dispatch for your order as jump rings are cut to order and not generally kept in stock.

Top Tip - It really is worthwhile properly opening and closing the required number of jump rings before starting a chain maille project - this way everything's ready to go, and you can concentrate on the fun part of putting them all together!"

Opening and Closing Jump Rings - To open the jump rings use two pairs of pliers and hold a jump ring with the opening at the top. Twist one half of the jump ring towards yourself, whilst holding the other side firmly in place. Close the jump ring by holding the same way and twisting it closed in the same manner.

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